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Whiskey T-Shirt (Black)

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The Story

Hey ho, I found a very small pile of these... only 6 MEDIUMS left at the time of writing this... Which is why it's on sale... stock will be refilled soon :P Cheers //LONDON

This beast is by far our most sold t-shirt and it's been with us on basically every show we've ever done. Except in the US actually... the merch supplier didn't want to print it due to copyright issues. No idea what they meant!? :)

Anyways... it was actually our dear merch supplier (Deaf & Dumb) who suggested that we'd make a JD style shirt. I wasn't so sure about the idea but I eventually brought it up with Martin and we finalized the concept together while sharing a hotel room during some tour in Sweden :D.

The first runs were printed on gray shirts but we later on changed to black and added a back print, based on a flyer someone did for one of our Australian shows, I have shamefully forgot the name of this person but she was kind enough to let us use her design which I'm eternally grateful for.

I wear this shirt all the time myself so you won't regret it if you pick one up! :D



Printed in Sweden on Gildan Softstyle t-shirts.

crash logga sidbotten

sweet creature sidbotten

moshpit sidbotten

dietrecords logga sidbotten


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