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We are Diet Records

 Diet Records is an independent record label managed by Martin Sweet and Peter London of CRASHDIET.

 Although established in 2016, the "Direct-To-Fans" approach is not new to us.
In fact, this shop has been online since 2009, although in slightly different forms over the years.

 We have shipped over 15.000 orders to nearly 60 different countries, and we're not slowing  down anytime soon :).

 If you're curious and want to find out more, feel free to read the full story here

 Welcome to our world!


Diet Records Wholesale

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Generation Wild (CD)


Illegal Rarities Volume 1


Illegal Rarities Volume 2 (CD)


Illegal Rarities Volume 2 Gatefold LP


Live In Sleaze (CD)


Live In Sleaze (LP)


Logo Patch (BIG!)


Red Patch


Rest In Sleaze (CD)


Rest In Sleaze (Gatefold LP)


Rest In Sleaze DVD




Savage Square Patch


Shattered Glass And Broken Bones


The Savage Playground (CD)


The Unattractive Revolution (CD)


The Unattractive Revolution (Gatefold LP)

White vinyl Red vinyl

The Unattractive Revolution DVD


We Are The Legion Vinyl EP


New Releases

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